Friday, July 10, 2015

Kiss Mattress By SleepEZ Review

After sleeping on the plush bed, there are a many things that come to mind with that mattress. Both me and my boyfriend are both big people and the plush bed provided space. The only problem is that there there wasn't much cushion and the moment that I slept on it; I could feel the bed frame and it made it slightly uncomfortable.I tried it for a few more nights to make sure that I wasn't under estimating the mattress. After a week I was still unsatisfied with the level of firmness of the mattress. If I was to rate it on a scale of one through ten; I would say that it was a solid six. It was comfortable, but not enough comfort for my support. My boyfriend on the other hand gave it a seven.
Later on that week I called the company and had them send out the firm mattress, I was impressed with the speed in which they delivered the mattress. After setting up the mattress and spending a week on the mattress, the same amount of time; give take, with the other mattress I can actually say that I am pleased with the firm mattress over the plush. While the plush mattress is soft, I can say that it is definitely not meant for big people. The firm mattress is the definitely the mattress I would recommend. While the company only have two types of mattresses to offer their customers, I can say their mattress is the perfect combination for either body type Pricing is $495.00 for Twin $675.00 for Full $795.00 for Queen $895.00 for King Shipping is free for all sizes. Kiss Mattress By SleepEZ I love Kiss Mattress facebook and Twitter If you have any questions for the beds firm or plush ask my @purplelover04

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond book

I am aunt who loves her nephew and niece. I have been aunt most of my life so I know a lot about babies but not about being pregnancy. This book really lets me have inside view on it i learn a lot from and will past it along to all my friends and family who has babies or are pregnancy. The Author of the eBook is Rachel aka Mommy Greenest who has a great blog for motherhood. The book was as sponsored by Naturepedic who made everything from Mattress Protector Pads and mattress all Organic. Here is link to the free eBook Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond book